Belozerov: the situation with the monetary reserves of the country is absolutely critical.

In the course of public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, which took place on December 16-17, the strategist of the exchange rate and finance risk of BNP Paribass bank Alexandr Belozerov declared that the volumes of the international monetary reserves of the country decreased abruptly, and, according to the data, as of end of October comprised less than $20 billion, $3 billion of which were the deposits preserved in the foreign currency.

The international monetary reserves of the country by the end of October were even less than during the financial crisis in 2008; at that time they comprised $24-25 billion. It is quite possible that statistics of the National Bank of Ukraine of the structure of the reserves by the end of November will be even more deplorable.

“The situation is absolutely critical. The next year the state will have to pay $9,3 billion,” Alexandr Belozerov says. “How did we get here? The first is the ethics and culture of business, which formed in recent 25 years, and the “professionalism” of the politicians. The second reason is the policy of the fixed currency exchange rate, which simply destroys the economy of the country. And the crazy idea with the European Association joined the mentioned above,” he told.

The expert did not exclude that Ukraine would face the devaluation of hryvna.

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