Sevastopol driver persistently asks to have a snack

In Sevastopol minibus driver offers all the passengers sausages, dried fish and vodka, in order to distract them from politics and create the atmosphere of the forthcoming holidays.

The driver of the minibus # 17 Dmitry on the eve of the New Year decided to elevate not only own mood but also the mood of his passengers as well. In his minibus he installed a small Christmas tree under which he put a bottle of vodka and boiled eggs; he has also hung sausages and dried fish all over the minibus, which every passenger may treat him or herself to.

According to the words of Dmitry, since he is tired of the low mood in the country and the gloomy faces of the people, who enter his minibus, he decided to arrange a holiday for the people.

The positive driver asserts that all his passengers behave politely and do not take the food decorations without asking permission.

The passengers, who enter the minibus, are very surprised with original decorations and always smile. Sevastopol Newspaper informs that, according to the witnesses, there is no smell of fish and vodka in the minibus.

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