The Kharkov veterans of Afghanistan war do not support Maidans and call on peace and wisdom

The presidium of Kharkov Regional Union of the Veterans of Afghanistan (the soldiers-internationalists) approved the appeal, in which it expressed concern about the events, which are going on in Kiev and in some cities of the Western Ukraine.

“We, the soldiers-internationalists, the veterans of the armed forces, do not have any moral right to be present at various Maidans together with the representatives of the political organizations and the extremist groups, who spit at the honor of outstanding generation of Victors, call on making traitors, executioners and collaborators heroes, who preach nationalistic pogroms and ethnic cleanups. We speak for progressive and stable development of our country, we call for peace and wisdom,” is stated in the appeal.

The presidium urges to remove the symbols of the Union of the Veterans of Afghanistan from all Maidans and concentrate on the preparation for the activities dedicated to 25th anniversary of withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan and 70th anniversary of liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi invaders.

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