Kharkov wants to revive diesel manufacturing

State-owned "Kharkiv Engine Design Bureau" (KEDB) has developed an investment project for the manufacture of “Slobozhanskiy diesel” diesel engines, informs press office of Ukroboronprom State Corporation (defense industry). The project involves production of 100-175 hp dual-use engines (DTNA series) in four-and six-cylinder versions.

As notes the corporation, KEDB developed design documentation for the first 100 hp car diesel engine; engine prototypes have already been tested. Implementation of the investment project can provide long-term operation for the domestic engine construction industry by providing high technology, high-tech and competitive products with stable market demand.

According to Ukroboronprom, prospects and economic feasibility of the project are confirmed by the decision of the 18th International Congress of Engine Manufacturers that took place in Ukraine this fall.

To implement the project, $21 million investment is required, say the developers. Payback period - 47 months.

In the Soviet era, billions of rubles were invested in Kharkov region’s multifunctional closed-cycle engine production complex for engines of SMD, D and DT series. The casting was performed on the world's largest foundry in Kupyansk, stampings were produced at Lozovskaya Forging Plant, fuel injection equipment and turbochargers were made in Chuguev and Dergachi. The "Hammer and Sickle" plant was producing 100-260 hp in-line diesel of SMD series, the HZTD plant - 150-200 hp V-shaped D series diesel engines. At the time, nowhere in the world the production was organized in such elaborate way that the facilities were capable of producing up to 1,000 engines per day. Now "Hammer and Sickle" and HZTD plants stand idle, just like the other engine manufacture plants. Technological capabilities for diesel engines production remain operational at “Malyshev’s Plant" and KEDB (paartly). Currently the plants manufacture diesel engines for tanks and armoured vehicles, as well as for the locomotives.

HKBD history goes back to 1931, when it was created by tank diesel engine design bureau, which started work on creation of V-2 diesel for famed T-34 tank. Now the design bureau is an engineering complex, which includes the design and production base. Over the past 15 years, the bureau developed 3TD1 diesels for modernization of the BTR-70 engine compartment, 3TD2 engines- for BTR-50 and BMP-2, 3TD4 engines- for BMP3, 5TDF series engines - for tanks “Bulat”, 5TDFMA1 engines - for T-72B, and 6TD2E engines - for tank “Oplot”.

State-owned enterprise “Malyshev’s Plant" (Kharkov), a manufacturer of armored vehicles, serves as a production base for KEDB designs This plant is capable of producing about 5 ,000 engines per year.

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