The Ministry of Internal Affairs published the menu of the internal troops soldiers, who were brought to Kiev

The commanders of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) declare that the soldiers of the internal troops, who are guarding the public order in Kiev, are provided with three meals a day.

The press service of the internal troops of MVD has reported that those soldiers, who have been guarding the public order for a long time, are provided with additional types of nutrition (tea, sandwiches with cheese and sausage); they also receive the vitamins for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection.

The department emphasizes that the information about insufficient nutrition of the soldiers is provocative.

Let us remind that as of December 16 about 2,200 soldiers of the internal troops of MVD from different territorial headquarters are involved in the fulfillment of the tasks to guard the public order in the central part of Kiev. The soldiers serve near the administrative buildings of the public authorities.

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