Kharkov region ignored Maidan sentiments

Kharkov and Kharkov region have ignored Maidan sentiments, which violated the usual tide of life in Kiev and in the western regions of Ukraine. The Chair of Kharkov Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin on the session of Kharkov Regional Council said that in the first capital the companies did not stop their work and the students continued to visit the classes.

“Any declaration of the opposition towards the law enforcement officers regarding the provocations on allegedly existing Maidans in Kharkov, is only an attempt to draw attention to themselves. On working days not more than 150 people gathered there. And if we substract the permanent employees of the party offices of various nationalist parties, then there will remain 5-10 of casual passers-by. On weekends a little bit more people gathered there only due to free concerts. We are grateful for the entertainment of people. And shame upon them for the rest. Do not disgrace Kharkov, do not present our city as a criminal one and do not present our law enforcement officers as the accomplices of the dictatorial regime,” Dobkin noted.

The Deputy Ivan Varchenko publicly read the statement of the party Batkivshchina, which declared that the malefactors, who were responsible for beating of the activist Olga Miroshnik, violating the public order and stealing the generators on Euromaidan, were yet to be found. Varchenko addressed the police with the request “not to fulfill someone’s orders, but to act according to the law.”

In response to the statement of Batkivshchina the governor of Kharkov expressed gratitude to the soldiers of the special units and to the soldiers and cadets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who fulfilled their professional and civic duty, when they were holding back the attempts of seizing the administrative buildings in Kiev and did not react to provocations. Mikhail Dobkin congratulated them on the Day of the Police: “I congratulate all the employees of the police with the coming professional holiday! I wish you all the best, self-control, patience, happiness and well-being in the families!”

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