The street railway do not work in Dnepropetrovsk, the drivers are on strike

Today in Dnepropetrovsk the drivers of streetcars are on strike, and more than 150 units of the machinery did not came to the routes.

The workers of the public utility company Gorelectrotransport demand that their wage arrears for the last two and a half months are paid.

The participants of the protest note that the strike will last till the local government provides the guarantees that the workers will receive their earned money.

Dnepropetrovsk mayor’s office notes that the problem occurred because of the delay of transmitting the payments via the state treasury. The public utility company has the funds on its accounts, but, herewith, the City Council does not know when the workers of the street railway depot will be paid the wage arrears.

Almost 2,500 people work in the public utility transport company in Dnepropetrovsk.

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