Kharkov Opera Theater installs E-ticketing system

Electronic ticketing system is scheduled to appear in Kharkov Lysenko’s National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, informs new director Oleg Orischenko. “Computerization of the box office is one of the main tasks. This will enable us to purchase a software that will help us in maintaining customers statistics, building customer base, thereby, facilitating the task of sales department,” said the director.

The new head stressed that he does not want radical changes in the theater: "Certainly, there will be changes in the theater, but I am not going to run a revolution here. My main task is to retain the team and provide it with the opportunity to realize the full potential."

On December 17 Oleg Orischenko was introduced to the theater employees as a new theater director. Previously the position was held by Lyubov Morozko. Prior to his appointment, he was deputy director of Kharkov Regional Philharmonic Hall.

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