Lutsenko: Ukraine has no political force that expresses EuroMaidan interests

“Currently EuroMaidan conceives an anti-system that has not been offered by the current politicians. They provided the technology to protest ‘against’, without giving the technology to vote ‘in favor’”, said Lutsenko.

Former Interior Minister, the leader of the "Third Ukrainian Republic" movement Yuriy Lutsenko believes that Ukraine has no political force that expresses the interests of EuroMaidan. Today, the society views politicians as a tool, Lutsenko holds.

As UNIAN state news agency learned from Lutsenko’s press office, “EuroMaidan gave birth to a call not only for the new Ukraine but also for a new political force that will implement this call for a new system of governing the country. Politicians, social activists, EuroMaidan members must offer an alternative to the current authoritarian feudalism”. EuroMaidan begot new leaders of student committees, checkpoints, social movements and even young leaders of previously little-known parties, thinks Lutsenko. “Society has become more mature, more pragmatic and more cynical. It views politicians as a tool. In Ukraine currently there is a demand for EU-centered reforms. If previously such talks were decorative and ironic, in particular, as “Western-style renovation” or “EU-type innovation”, now there is a question of values," said Lutsenko.

According to him, the current events “are a second attempt of the bourgeois revolution in Ukraine. Both the Orange Revolution and today's events are driven by dissatisfaction of the middle class with authoritarian feudal order. Middle class or someone who dreams of becoming one, who feels free, united with the destitute masses brought to poverty by social taming of the current regime. But middle class was the key to change, was those who came out first, who ran in the night on December 11 to the barricades.”

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