Austrian Foreign Minister: Ukraine should come closer both with the Russian Federation and the EU

Sebastian Kurtz, a 27-year-old appointed on Monday as the Minister of European and Foreign Affairs of Austria, said that "either-or” concept has no future for Ukraine's relations with the EU and Russia.

"States must make sovereign decisions. I am convinced that Ukraine should eventually be able draw together with the EU while keeping close cooperation ties with Russia. Everything else will be economically meaningless for Ukraine,” said the Minister, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

Commenting on the journalist’s argument that today Ukraine faces a tough choice – either a free trade area with the EU or the Customs Union with Russia, the new Minister said: "The model of “either-or” has no future."

New Austrian government was sworn in on Monday. Appointment of the new Minister of Foreign Affairs stirred sensation when the position was given to a 27-year-old law student Sebastian Kurtz. He became the youngest minister in the history of the country. Kurtz is the leader of the youth section of the centre-right Austrian People's Party (APP); in the past Cabinet he was the Secretary of State for integration.

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