Ukraine and Russia will jointly produce 80 planes AN-124

Ukraine and Russia plan to jointly construct 80 planes AN-124 that will allow to make $12,89 billion in revenue. The project was called the most wide-scale in the last 22 years.

“During all 22 years of our independence there were no such wide-scale projects,” the Head of the Ukrainian Government Nikolay Azarov said during the session of the government. “The total revenue will amount to $12.89 billion. It will allow to maintain leading positions in the global cargo transportation for several decades,” he said.

According to his words, production of AN-124 “is renewal of the batch production of the engine D-18t, and this is tens of thousands people, the workers of our aviation plants, as well as implementation of the mutual deliveries under the production cooperation, materials, components and accessories without import duties, taxes and excises during the production of these planes.

Earlier the parties have repeatedly declared the importance of renewal of production of the plane AN-124, which is one of the biggest planes in the world. In particular, according to the words of the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Boyko if the production is arranged, the parties “will get huge market and will have the possibility to create such quantity of AN-124 planes that it will become economically attractive.” “It will give the impulse not only to the producing pant, but to a number of factories, which are involved in this program,” the Deputy Prime Minister told.

Earlier he has informed that Kiev and Moscow made a decision to create joint ventures (JV) for the implementation of this project. The Ukrainian party may contribute to the JV the technological base and the innovative component and the Russian party - the financial component and the market. “We are interested that the JV will start the work as soon as possible. Russia has its own groundwork and we have our own groundwork. If the corresponding cooperation takes place, it will, undoubtedly, give the positive effect,” he remarked.

Boyko considers that it is necessary “to make a pilot project of AN-124 production, to show how it works, and then to move further deeper integration in the production of other planes: passenger and specialized ones.”

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