The "Air Express" may link Kiev to Borispol already in two years

The Cabinet ordered the State Project Institute to build a railway line from Darnitsa subway station to Borispol airport by the end of 2015.

"The new railway must be built on the mound, with overpasses at crossings with the existing paths and a bridge at the point of crossing Kiev - Kharkov highway. The route will be attended by five trains up to 500 seats each. Trains have yet to be acquired," says the Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 888.

The decree also specifies construction of the railway station at the airport, total area of 30,000 sq. m., with covered pedestrian gallery to the Terminal D and shuttle for the passengers going to the Terminals B and F.

The launch of "Air Express" implies transport link between Kiev and the Terminal D of Borispol airport by high-speed train. The "Air Express" project will be implemented using the money lent by China under the state guarantees of the Ukrainian government. Initially, the start of construction was planned for May 2011.

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