Suspended head of Kiev Administration just managed to sign a project for subway to Troeschyna region of Kiev

Podilsko-Vygurovskaya subway line from Raduzhnaya station in the direction of the Vygurovschina-Troeschyna residential area will go via Mayakovsky Avenue, ending with Troeschyna depot for electric trains.

As Kiev City State Administration (KCSA) informs, corresponding decree was signed by Alexander Popov, the head of the Administration, on December 13.

According to the document, the KCSA Department of Transport Infrastructure should assign the main designer and main contractor organizations for, respectively, design and construction of the subway segment.

Also, experts must develop, evaluate and approve construction documents, while relevant departments must provide investment proposals for integration of this work into Kiev economic and social development programs for 2013 and onwards.

In addition, the order specifies that after completion of the project Kiev Administration must restore all road surfaces and transfer the object to the balance of the municipal enterprise “Operational management on repair and maintenance of roads and structures of Desnyansky district”.

The President Viktor Yanukovych signed a decree dismissing Oleksandr Popov, the head of Kiev City State Administration, on December 16. The KCSA head is suspected of taking part in crackdown of "EuroMaidan" on the night of November 30 and has been suspended from his position at the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

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