The Ministry of Internal Affairs: more than six fights occurred at Maidan in 24 hours

The law enforcement authorities received six messages about the fights between the participants of the peaceful rally, which takes place on Maidan Nezalejnosti in Kiev.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) informed that the activists from Shostka, Melitopol, Khmelnitskiy, Izum, Volnogorsk and Kiev addressed the police with the statements about assault, in which they mentioned that in the course of the conflict they received the physical injuries from the unidentified people.

According to the data of the law enforcement officers, none of the six injured activists was hospitalized after the examination and medical assistance provided by the doctors. All of them were released. Besides the physical injuries (closed craniocerebral injuries, polytraumas, bruises of the soft tissues of the head, concussions of the brain), the majority of the injured were diagnosed with alcohol intoxication of the different stages.

Data about 5 fights was recorded into the Unified Registration, and one of the fights was recorded in the Unified Register of the pretrial investigations and the criminal case was brought up.

At the same time, as was informed by the Department of Healthcare of Kiev City State Administration, as of 6:00 a.m. on December 18 three participants of the protests turned for the medical aid, two of them were taken into hospital. Among the reasons were the hypertension stroke and alcohol intoxication.

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