The project of the budget of Ukraine for the next year approved: VAT - the same, scholarships - up

On December 8 during the session of the Ukrainian government the project of the state budget for 2014 was approved. It is quite possible that the main financial document of the country will be approved already this week.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov called the budget of the next year the budget of the social development.

It is planned that in 2014 the living wage will be reconsidered and the minimal salary will be increased three times: in January, in July and in October. The amount of increase of the minimal salary is not disclosed.

The students’ scholarships will be increased by 70-120 UAH, the amounts of the pensions and of subsidy are planned to go up.

At the same time the rate the value added tax remained at previous level and the profit tax was decreased by 1%, and not by 3% as originally planned.

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