30 tons of dangerous chemicals were removed from Kiev plant Radical

On December 17 28 tons of chlorine-containing chemicals were taken away from Kiev plant Radical. The chemicals were removed under control of the commission of acceptance of works on ecological sanation of the territory and of JSC Radical, headed by the director of the Department of Industry and Business Development Lydmila Denisyk.

Besides that, 20 tons were taken away on December 16. Kiev City State Administration informed that the territory is planned to be cleaned before the end of the year.

“Today we continue the campaign on ecological sanation of the territory and the objects of the plant Radical. In summer we removed 45 tons of the chlorine-containing chemicals and in the previous years - another 50 tons. Nevertheless, recently we found more than 300 tons of the barrels with dangerous substances under the obstruction. At the moment we are holding the campaign to remove those chemicals in order to proceed with the cleaning of the territory from the mercury-containing chemicals the next year. According to our calculations there remain about 200,000 tons of them,” Lydmila Denisyk said.

The director of the Department also noted that Kiev City State Administration plans to neutralize and utilize that waste as fast as possible. For example, last year the working group operated, which consisted of ecologists, scientists and representatives of the law enforcement authorities, as well as of the local and of the central government. As a result of its work the technical and economic basis were worked out, the scientific research of the state of the soil, air, buildings and industrial premises of the JSC Radical were performed. According to the expert conclusions the concentration of mercury-containing chemicals is dangerous for the residents of the neighboring territories.

Lydmila Denisyk assured that Kiev City State Administration carried out all the prior preparatory works to remove dangerous mercury-containing chemicals from the territory of the plant. The city government is ready to start cleaning the territory of the plant Radical next year.

The director of the Department also added that all the waste will be taken out of the territory of Ukraine because the state has no technical possibility to process these substances.

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