Kharkov Opera House welcomes new director

Oleg Orischenko has been appointed a head of Kharkov Lysenko’s National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Today the Deputy Minister of Culture Viktor Bolyurko introduced the new head to the theater employees. Orischenko was appointed by the decree of the Ministry of Culture issued on December 6. The Deputy Minister thanked Lyubov Morozko, who had been theater director since February 2008, for her work.

The event was attended by Evgeny Savin, Deputy Head of Kharkov Regional Administration, Elena Oleshko, First Deputy Chairman of Kharkov Regional Council, and Dmitry Kuznetsov, Head of the Department of Culture at Regional Administration.

Oleg Orischenko was born in 1962 in Kharkov. He graduated from Kharkov Kotlyarevsky’s Institute of Arts, subsequently finishing Kharkov National Road-Transport University with a degree in economy.

For nine years, he served as chief administrator and deputy director of Kharkov Regional Philharmonic Hall.

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