In 2015 NATO will help Ukraine to rebury radioactive waste

Ukraine and NATO inked an implementation agreement for safe reburial of radioactive waste generated as a result of military programs during the Soviet era, informed the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine Oleg Proskuryakov on December, 18. He has noted that Ukraine has six facilities, the total volume of waste stored there reaches about 1,000 cubic meters.

"In 2014 we’re scheduled to have auditing and monitoring of the facilities, which will determine the exact volume of waste and location for reburial. We have state-owned enterprise Radon with the necessary technical means, we have a storage in Chernobyl zone. About 1 million euros have been earmarked for monitoring in 2014; its completion in 2015 will enable us to begin the removal and reburial. The amount required for the operation has already been named - up to $15 million, with possible growth to $25 million in case the monitoring confirms larger volume of waste. The project will run for 5 years," said Oleg Proskuryakov.

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