Rescuers beef up security measures in the Crimean and Carpathian mountains for the New Year holidays

During the Christmas and New Year days mountain rescuers must ensure the safety of tourists in the Carpathian and Crimean mountains, said the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vilkul during a conference call to the Ukrainian regions on December 17.

According to the minister, there is a threat of avalanches in mountain areas due to recent fluctuations of temperature. The government expects mass visits to mountains by holiday tourists and all relevant services and agencies have been tasked with ensuring their safety. "Festive Christmas and New Year's days are coming; a large number of tourists will travel to the mountainous regions of Carpathians and the Crimea. Our task is to ensure maximum safety in the mountains," said Vilkul.

The official noted that there are already more than a dozen units of special vehicles on the passes in the Carpathian Mountains. Another 50 units are ready to clear snow drifts in case of a sharp deterioration of the weather.

In the Crimea special vehicles and rescue teams are on standby near Ai-Petri Mountain and on Angarsky and Grushevsky passes.

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