The leader of The Velvet Underground passed away

A legendary American rock musician Lou Reed passed away in New York. The reason of death of 72 year old leader of the band The Velvet Underground remains unknown. According to the media, shortly before the death he had undergone a liver surgery, after which he felt completely recovered.

"I am a walking triumph of the medicine, physics, and chemistry. I am bigger and stronger than ever," Lou Reed wrote in social networks about his recovery.

Lou Reed participated in the recording of five out of six albums recorded by The Velvet Underground. In the 1970-s Lou Reed did a lot of experimenting as a solo artist by attracting the leading instrumentalists of those days to recording his songs, while the cooperation with David Bowie while working on the album Transformer (1972) made his name more recognizable for the mass audience. The album included the songs, which became calling cards of Lou Reed and were many times remade by the author as well as by several consequent generations of musicians.

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