The Russian businessmen could not get to Odessa because of the former people's deputy, who fell out of favor

The Russian businessmen from Krasnodar Territory were not able to leave the territory of the Crimea to meet their colleagues in Odessa. The police have been holding the bus with the Russians for 9 hours at the isthmus near Armyansk without giving any reasons.

The businessmen have taken a shortcut on their way from Russia: they crossed Kerch crossing, drove through all the Crimea and were stopped by the officers of the state automobile inspectorate (GAI) of Ukraine at the exit from the peninsula on October 26 at 8 a.m.

"The Russian delegation of the business representatives of Krasnodar Territory went through our Kerch crossing via previously declared route to meet their colleagues in Odessa with cultural program, visiting the cultural monuments, theater, etc. Having crossed, they went straight to Odessa, but fate decreed otherwise … After the destination point – Odessa, has been discovered in the waybill at GAI post in Armyansk, our valorous police officers initiated the inspection, which lasted for 9 hours! Calls to different hotlines of the Crimean government, Mogilev, GAI, and so on were left without attention; after a call to hotline of the Crimean Batkivschina the lawyers came to the unlucky "tourists", did what they could to help, and the bus was released!" tells the representative of Batkivschina party Alexander Burdonos on his page in Facebook social network.

According to him, the delay rendered the trip useless. The Russians went away empty-handed in the opposite direction.

"Many of them have not understood the statements of GAI officers about "the wrong time" and "the wrong place", but I think they can google why Odessa became a closed city for the tourists and organized groups!!!" wrote Alexander.

It appeared that the bus with the Russians was not the only vehicle detained at the exit from the Crimea. On Friday and Saturday irregular passenger trips from the Crimea were quite thoroughly inspected by GAI in order to find out if they were going to Odessa and with what purpose. According to own sources, the law-enforcement agencies were instructed to prevent the supporters of Igor Markov form getting to Odessa, where a piquet in his support was supposed to be held on Saturday; however, it was prohibited by the court decision until November 5.

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