The Ukrainian stage director thinks that Ukraine lacks the leaders for large-scale cultural projects

According to the Ukrainian stage director Vladislav Troitsky, Ukraine is not ready to have dialogue on equal terms with either Europe or Russia. He has expressed his thoughts on the issue during III national expert forum Ukraine After Vilnius that was organized by Gorshenin Institute.

Troitsky thinks that there is nobody in Ukraine who could lead large-scale cultural projects, either the ones ordered by Russia or by Europe.

"The ministry of culture and the other government delights – that is dread and horror. They are inertial, corrupt, stupid, and uneducated. At the same time there is demand for adequate equal dialogue with Ukraine from both Europe and progressive part of Russia," said the stage director.

He does not expect any changes for the country after signing of Vilnius agreements by Kiev.

"Nothing is going to change; that is an absolute illusion, just some vague markings of some road. And Russia won't get up and go away," he said.

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