A monument to a Russian emperor will be installed in Kharkov region

The monument to the Russian emperor Alexander III will be installed at the former railroad station Spasov Skit, which is located between two railroad stations Taranovka and Borki.

A monument, installed in the honor of miraculous redemption of the royal family during railroad accident at Borki station, used to be there.

Moscow fund Revival of the Cultural Heritage is taking care of the restoration of the monument, which is timed to 125th anniversary of the event.

"We have found out that before 1917 there was a monument to Alexander III here and we got an idea of restoring the historical justice," said the fund director Alexander Panin.

The design of the monument will be new because no recollections as to the look of the pre-revolutionary monument have been preserved. The new monument is made of reinforced concrete by the design of a renowned artist of Russia of Kuban origin Alexander Apollonov. The reinforced concrete is going to be covered with bronze.

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