Restoration of the main shrine of the Black Sea Fleet has been completed in Sevastopol

Restoration of Saint Vladimir's cathedral, which is considered to be the main shrine of the Black Sea Fleet, has been completed in Sevastopol. The ashes of four admirals of the fleet found their final abode in the vaults of this church: Nakhimov, Kornilov, Istomin, and Lazarev.

Thanks to the funds of the ministry of defense of the Russian Federation the frescos of the upper and lower tiers were restored in the church, located on one of the hills of Sevastopol, known as Vladimirskaya hill.

It is noteworthy that the frescos that were initially created by the painting academician Korneyev, the author of a similar painting in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, have been restored by the masters of the studio of military artists name after Grekov.

Besides that the restorers have casted two bells for the cathedral according to 19th century "recipes" and removed many splinters and bullets, which damaged the church during the Great Patriotic War, from the walls of the cathedral.

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