Another blow: Russia has stopped the shipments of the Ukrainian rail cars

The Russian government enterprise The Register of Certification in the Federal Railroad Transport (RSFJT) has suspended the shipment of the produce of four Ukrainian rail car building plants to Russia. Thus, 80 percent of the Ukrainian rail car production became prohibited, while expected losses amount to more than 50 million dollars per month.

Dnepovagonmash, which belongs to Sergey Tigipko is in the blacklist, as well as Azovobshemash and Kriukovsky rail car building plant. Russia banned the import of all the produce of Dnepovagonmash, 64 percent of produce of Kriukovsky rail car building plant, and 32 percent of produce of Azovobshemash. Due to new restrictions the average monthly output of Dnepovagonmash will be decreased by 170 rail cars, of Kriukovsky rail car building plant – by 310, of Azovobshemash – by 260.

Stakhanovsky rail car building plant also experiences problems. Although there is no direct ban of its produce in Russia, RSFJT does not allow usage of Czech casting, with which 90 percent of the rail cars manufactured by Stakhanovsky rail car building plant in 2012 were furnished.

Until this moment Russia was the biggest buyer of the produce of the Ukrainian rail car building plants: she was buying more than 60 percent of all the goods. According to the experts, the ban will result in more than 50 percent decrease of manufacturing. Mass layoffs should also be expected in this sector. For example, 500 employees are planned to be discharged at Kriukovsky plant, while 1,500 people have already been dismissed at Stakhanovsky plant.

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