Saakashvili had ran away from Georgia before the elections' results were announced

Formally acting president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili left the county on Monday night. He departed to Brussels with a special flight immediately after the farewell address to his nationals.

Before the end of the elections the leaders of Georgian opposition repeatedly said that criminal cases might be opened against Saakashvili, specifically in relation to the investigation of the death of Zurab Zhvania, which many consider to be a political contract. An urgent departure of the former president beyond the territory of the country has already created a mass of speculations that Saakashvili will never return to Georgia, where he will probably face a similar fate as the one Tymoshenko encountered after the victory of Yanukovych in Ukraine.

Saakashvili tried to refute such statements.

"I regard my visit to the European Union as symbolic. I want to clarify my position regarding the elections which took place in the country. It will be sad, if Georgia starts moving in the wrong direction, but I am consoled with a thought that we lost the elections, having done many right things," he said.

At the moment large-scale political changes are going on in Georgia. The governors of five regions have already been forced to retire; it is expected that their places will be taken by the followers of the party Georgian Dream, which at first gained the majority in the parliament of the country, and now also won the presidential elections.

Political emigrants also begin to return to the country, for example, the odious former minister of the state security of Georgia Igor Georgadze, who spent all the years of Saakashvili rule in Russia because he had been declared a FSB agent in Georgia.

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