A retrospective festival of Tonino Guerra is taking place in Kiev

The general public will have a chance to see the films by the scenarios of a well-known Italian Tonino Guerra in the capital of Ukraine till November 24.

On November 3 one of the main ideological films of the hippie movement Zabriski Point by Michelangelo Antonioni will be shown in the cinema club NoName Club. The guests will be able to talk to the director Roman Balayan and listen to the interview with the wife of Michelangelo Antonioni – Enricka, which was recorded especially for the festival.

On November 9 Amarcord by Federico Fellini and A Long Journey by Andrey Khrzhanovsky will be shown.

On November 16 audience will see The Lion with a Gray Beard by Andrey Khrzhanovsky and Everybody's Fine by Kirk Jones.

The retrospective demonstration will be closed with a film Nostalgia by Andrey Tarkovsky.

Besides retrospective demonstrations the following events are in the program: meetings with directors, exhibition of the photographs of Yury Rost Rainbow of Tonino Guerra, poetry evenings, master classes in ceramics and xylography by Italian masters, master classes in culinary, and a lecture about suspended projects of Tonino Guerra.

Tonino Guerra is a famous Italian film script author, poet, writer, artist, a friend of Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Francesco Rosi, Giuseppe Tornatore, Andrey Tarkovsky, and a laureate of three Oscars and seven Golden Palms.

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