The foreign experts: Putin raised the stakes in the struggle for the future of Ukraine

The Guardian informs that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has raised the stakes in the struggle for the future of Ukraine by declaring that Moscow will buy Ukrainian treasure bonds worth $15 billion and decrease the price for gas.

The publication states that, according to the estimates of the economic experts, Ukraine badly needs at least $10 billion in the nearest months to avoid bankruptcy.

According to the publication, on Tuesday Putin was also trying to pacify the protesters in Kiev by telling that he did not discuss with Yanukovych the perspective of Ukraine joining the Customs Union and called Ukraine “with no doubts and in full sense a strategic partner and ally”.

The publication states that the membership in the Customs Union, in which the Kremlin is interested, will hardly be the agenda in the nearest future, but it is considered that Yanukovych agreed not to sign the agreements with the EU in return for the package of credits and trade privileges.

Viktor Yanukovych called the agreement strategic and noted that both parties had to work hard to develop tighter relations in the future.

Meanwhile, The New York Times writes that the assistance to Ukraine from the side of Russia is a brave and risky step by Putin, considering the political chaos in the country and thousands of protesters in the streets. The newspaper also states that for now Vladimir Putin seems to have won Europe in the competition for influence.

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