A three meter tall monument to Alexander Nevsky will be erected in a small town of Stary Krim

A monument to prince Alexander Nevsky will appear in the town of Stary Krim in the center of the Crimean peninsula in the spring of 2014.

At the moment a memorial stone was put at the spot of the future monument in so-called Red square, located not far from the town bread-baking plant.

Although there are no direct connections between the geography of Stary Krim and this particular historical figure, some topographical reference points are nevertheless present: in the 19th century there was a church named after the saint in the town. In the vicinity of the church there was a spring of Alexander Nevsky, which is still active. Instead of the church, which was ruined during the Soviet times, now there is a temple with a different name.

According to the initiator of the erection of the monument Mikhail Fedoseyev, this is a good occasion to remind of a great person since "Alexander Nevsky is such a positive hero of the Russian history".

Fedoseyev has also said that the process of installation of the monument is delayed because of the difficulties, connected with transportation of the monument across the border.

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