The scientists have decrypted a secret Masonic book

The scientists have decrypted 105 pages of the ancient manuscript Copiale Cipher, which for many years remained a mystery for historians and linguists.

The manuscript consists of 105 watermarked pages held by decorated golden binding. The manuscript is dated 1760-1780 and all 75,000 characters of its text with the exception of the signature of the owner (Philip 1866) and a note on the last page (Copiales 3) were ciphered with unknown characters mixed with Latin characters.

A group of scientists from the USA and Sweden under the direction of Kevin Knight from the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California was able to decipher the cryptogram. It turned out that the book had belonged to one of German secret societies, related to the Masons of Scottish rite. The book describes the rituals of the lodge.

A conclusion that the Latin characters represented space characters and the entire message was written with unknown characters became an important key to understanding the text; it allowed breaking the text to separate words, which were then analyzed. It appeared that the book had been written in German; the first decoded words were "the initiation ceremony" and "a secret section".

Now the scientists hope that the software they have created will help them to decipher the other mysterious cryptograms: encrypted letters to newspapers of Zodiac serial killer, Voynich manuscript, and the text on the sculpture stored in the headquarter of the CIA.

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