Odessa clan lost to its Donetsk counterpart: Kostusev is no longer the mayor of Odessa

The mayor of Odessa has written request to resign from the post of the head of the city of Odessa. His departure is the result of the struggle of Donetsk and Odessa clans.

According to the analysts, Kostusev resignation has been around the corner for a while, but every time he managed to avoid it. However, after the assault of the administrative building of the police department by the proponents of the former people's deputy Igor Markov on October 22 Kotusev, while being on a sick leave, had to submit the resignation request.

According to several sources, Odessa mayor applied for resignation due to the pressure from the deputy head of the administration of the president of Ukraine Sergey Larin: Kostusev was shown the door because of the conflict of the former people's deputy Igor Markov with the first deputy prime-minister of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov. The ex-mayor of Odessa Eduard Gurvits said that Kostusev is sick and behaves inadequately.

Earlier Odessa regional organization Svoboda asked the general prosecutor of Ukraine and the ministry of internal affairs to conduct inspection of Kostusev complicity "in unlawful activity of Igor Markov and to institute the proceedings stipulated by law".

According to the sources in Odessa city hall it is currently impossible to nominate the acting mayor because the resignation of Alexey Kostusev needs to be accepted at the city council meeting. Officially the city authority stays the same. The date of the extraordinary meeting of the city council is yet to be scheduled.

Yesterday the media reported that the governor of Odessa region Eduard Matviychuk had resigned, but he did not confirm the information. There are rumors that the minister of finance of the Crimea, native of Odessa, Nikolay Skorik will occupy Matviychuk position.

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