Economic forecast for Ukraine became even worse

International agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) has desreased the credit rating of Ukraine from "B" to "B-".

"Decreasing the rating reflects our position that the government strategy will hardly secure the volume of foreign currency sufficient for satisfying growing needs," said the representatives of the agency.

Earlier the credit rating of the country has been lowered by another international agency – Moody's, from "B3" to "Caa1".

According to the analysts, the threat of default of Ukraine becomes more and more real, since the government of Ukraine has not been able to agree with the IMF about granting the credit, while the currency reserves of the country are at a low level.

Lack of agreement with the IMF increasingly influences the financial state of the country because the presidential elections are approaching. The experts think that in the conditions of the election campaign the government will not undertake unpopular measures required by the IMF in exchange for the credits, for example, increasing gas tariffs for the population and approving a low government budget based on real forecasts.

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