Medvedev: Ukraine will lose all privileges from Russia after singing the association agreement with the EU

According to the press-service of the government of Russia, the prime-minister of Russian Federation said that Ukraine would lose all its privileges and advantages in the relations with Russia in case of signing the association agreement with the EU.

"This is a sovereign choice of Ukraine, but they should not gnash their teeth if it turns out that they will not get the dividends and benefits which they count on, and at the same time will lose those advantages which they have, because, frankly speaking, now we have special, exclusive, relations with them," said the Russian prime-minister.

Medvedev clarified that those "exclusive relations" are based on "a series of relaxations of restrictions and exemptions, which are applied for the supply of their goods to the Russian market".

"But if they are associated with another customs union, if they are part of the free entrepreneurship zone created with participation of the European Union, then a different set of rules will be applied to them. We cannot disregard this," said Medvedev.

Besides that he recommended Ukraine to request credits not from Russia but from the European Union.

"After all if their relations with the European Union are so advanced, which is probably good – we also have good relations with the EU – they can get the credits in Brussels," said the Russian prime-minister.

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