Meeting Results: Putin will allocate $ 15 billion and reduce the gas price

During the meeting of the Ukraine’s and the Russian Federation’s (RF) Presidents on December, 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to reduce gas prices from to 268,5 dollars per 1000 cubic meters. Moreover, Putin will give Ukraine $ 15 billion credit. Funds will be allocated from the reserve of the National Welfare Fund (NWF). According to the political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev, a new gas price will save Ukraine to $ 5 billion.

At a meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian parliamentarians also Roadmap with concrete terms of regulating trade relations between states was adopted.

Putin stressed on the Russian government’s intention to not impose any ultimatums as to lower social standards, pensions, scholarships or salaries, and to freeze assets.

In the framework of the politicians meeting, the question of Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union wasn’t discussed.

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