USA: the Agreement with Russia will cause a new wave of protests in Ukraine

In the Senate there is belief that the Agreement of the presidents Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Putin will only exacerbate the rebellion in Ukraine. During a briefing at the White house on December, 17, the spokesman Jay Carney expressed hope that the Agreement between Ukraine and Russia could reason a new wave of protests on the Evromaydan. «The Ukrainian government ignored the protesters call to sign an Association Agreement with the EU by signing an agreement with Russia, that absolutely does not meet the Evromaydan requirement», explains Carney. The U.S. government will continue to examine the details of a Ukrainian-Russian Agreement.

The results of the meeting between presidents Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych were initialed in several documents, in particular, about the supply of gas to Ukraine at a reduced price and a grant of $ 15-billion-dollar investment. In addition, Authorized Interstate Commission signed the «road map» on the elimination of many trade tariffs.

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