Lech Walesa: Ukrainian revolution would come to grief

Polish ex-President Lech Walesa says that the chances of the Ukrainian opposition to organize a coup in the country are second to none, because there is no competent leader. According to the ex-President Walesa, not protesters should not compromise democratic principles. «Ukraine is a democratic country. Power cannot be overthrown in an undemocratic way. If the protesters will violate democratic principles, the principles will be violated to them in turn. And then there will be chaos in Ukraine», Walesa believes.

The question of how politician assesses the chances of the leader of the faction «UDAR» Vitali Klitschko, was replied: «In Ukraine, I do not see the leader. There is no single organization or party, which could serve as an alternative to the current government. Klitchko, if gets the power, most likely, will quickly lose. The situation in Ukraine cannot be controlled, as the situation at the boxing ring».

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