Party members praised the efforts of Yanukovych at the meeting with Putin

Ukraine’s Party of Regions is satisfied with the results of the President Viktor Yanukovych visit to Moscow.

Agreements concluded during the 4th meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian interstate commission represent an important step in restoration and further development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Ukraine and Russia, says the party statement.

“We regard the signing of strategically important for the country bilateral documents as an undoubted success of the Ukrainian diplomacy, a natural result of a balanced and pragmatic foreign policy of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych,” goes on the statement.

The document states that all branches of the national economy will benefit from the removal of trade restrictions since the sides have planned for joint implementation of large-scale projects in engineering, energy, transportation, aerospace and military industry segments.

The members of the Party of Regions characterized the achieved arrangements to lower the price for the Russian gas as “fateful”. “This will revive entire sectors of the national economy, improving the competitive edge of domestic producers and increasing the export potential of Ukraine”, reads the statement.

The paper specifically emphasizes that Ukraine has no plans to join the Customs Union as she remains true to the European integration course.

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