Three more Kiev protesters were diagnosed with tuberculosis

Out of 125 protesters screened for tuberculosis and other lung diseases, three people were diagnosed positively.

According to the Department of Health of Kiev City State Administration, six of the screened protesters were diagnosed with acute bronchitis, another two - with pneumonia. Tuberculosis was diagnosed in three people; one person needs additional tests to confirm the diagnosis.

According to the Department of Health, as of 6:00 a.m. on December 17 (beginning of the day), seven protesters sought medical treatment; five of them were hospitalized.

“Reasons for hospitalization include psychomotor agitation, concussion (man injured himself), appendicitis, abscess of the right tibia, heavy head wound, abrasions,” says the Administration.

All interested residents and guests of the city were able to get a free screening at tuberculosis screening points that were open in the center of Kiev on December 12-14. Earlier, an elderly from Lvov was found dead at EuroMaidan - the man suffered active tuberculosis.

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