Russian Expert: Ukraine got into a double trap of tough coalition

According to the opinion of a Russian expert, doctor of the political sciences Irina Busigina, it is necessary to create smaller stratums, which would strengthen the society, in two opposing Ukrainian camps (conventionally called "Western" and "Eastern").

“The split is not necessarily. The only kind of split, which is bad, is the one that exists in Ukraine. This is a split into two comparable parts, it is duplicated and the most complicated. Ukraine got into a double trap of tough coalition,” considers Busigina.

According to the words of the Russian professor, Ukraine is split by all the significant points. “Changes - status quo, Europe - Russia, the Ukrainian language - the Russian language, freedom - obedience. There is the feeling that you have two monolithic coalitions,” she is convinced. Busigina considers that in order to overcome the contradictions it is necessary to create smaller ties, which will not let the two parts of Ukraine become absolute antagonists and opposites.

“I can hear very well the speakers speaking on Anti-Maidan from my hotel room. I understand everything, there are people generally from the Eastern parts of the country, but, nevertheless, why do they speak only Russian? If they spoke Ukrainian, they would, probably, be heard by greater number of people,” Busigina said.

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