People are tired of the show; that is why the opposition lost these elections - M. Dobkin

According to the Head of Kharkov Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin, the results of the re-elections in five critical districts of Ukraine were predictable.

“The events and the spirit demonstrated by the three leaders of the opposition in the center of Kiev influenced the results of the declaration of will of the citizens. Initially they could count on the support of people, but today the residents of those regions, where the re-elections took place, realized that people, who represent the opposition are not disposed to constructive work,” Kharkov governor stated.

He considers that chaos in our country will soon stop: “People are tired from the show, which the deputies from the opposition arrange in the session hall, scandals and the attempts to direct the work of the government into destructive course. This is another reason of the failure of the opposition at the election. The people supported the dialog instead of confrontation and ultimatums. The era of radicalism and chaos in Ukraine is coming to an end,” Mikhail Dobkin stressed.

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