The Ukrainian deputy: investment is cheaper than arming

The people’s deputy of Ukraine from the Party of Region Oleg Tsarev considers that it will be more effective for Russia from the economical point of view to invest money into the joint investment projects, implementing the so-called method of the soft power, rather than to spend money later on arming against NATO, where Ukraine will finally be, in case of the ultimate breakup of relations with Russia.

Tsarev expressed his opinion during the conference “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, which is held in Kiev now. In Tsarev’s opinion, in the course of the official visit to Moscow on December 17-18 the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will not discuss the price of the gas, but will speak about the investment projects, in which Russia could participate.

“The main conclusion is that the economy cannot function without Russia. We would like to have the four-lane road Simferopol-Kiev, Kerch Bridge and the nuclear fuel plant. We plan that Nikolaevskiy Region will receive the ship-building order, that the decision on the AN planes will be reconsidered and that the withdrawals from the the Free Trade Agreement will be excluded to the maximum extent,” told Tsarev.

It is notable that the Russian party in the course of the discussion at the conference, which was arranged by the News Agency Kharkov, expressed its appreciation to Tsarev for his activity. “I express gratitude to Tsarev for the fact that he managed to become the megaphone of the Russian forces in Ukraine,” the editor in chief of the magazine Baltic World Dmitriy Kondrashov said.

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