The residents of Kharkov are the best ice climbers in Ukraine

On December 13-15 Kharkov climbing gym The Vertical (2 Marshal Zhukov Avenue) hosted Ukrainian Ice Climbing Championship. The resident of Kharkov Valentin Sipavin took gold in individual competition among men. The second victory went to Kharkov team in team competition, while Sevastopol athlete Yevgenia Alekseeva won the first place in competition among women. The winners received medals, certificates and gifts from the sponsors.

In total Kharkov was visited by about four dozen of ice climbers from nine regions of Ukraine. Competitions were held in the “difficulty” discipline - the participants had to climb the difficult path on artificial relief as soon as possible. To do this, they used a variety of ice equipment – ice axes, ski crampons, harnesses, helmets.

The Ukrainian Ice Climbing Championship held in Kharkov was the first of this kind in the history of Ukraine.

Ice climbing (along with rock climbing) is an independent school in mountaineering. Large ice climbing competitions (World Cup and World Championship) are organized by International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA, Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme). There are two types of climbing competition: in difficulty and in speed.

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