The residents of Kharkov won the Junior Championship of Ukraine on Short Track Speed Skating

On December 12-13 Kharkov welcomed the Junior Championship of Ukraine on Short Track Speed Skating. Kharkov skaters won prizes at all ranges. At the 500 meters range - the first (Maria Dolgopolova) and third (Nikita Sokolov) places, at 1,000 meters - two firsts (Maria Dolgopolova, Nikita Sokolov) and the third (Stanislav Omelchenko) places and at the 1,500 meters range - the first (Nikita Sokolov) and the third (Maria Dolgopolova). In 3,000 meters run the residents of Kharkov also were present in the top three, getting silver in the female race (Kharkov-1 team) and bronze - in male race (Kharkov-2 team).

The championship was attended by some 50 young skaters from Kiev, Sumy and Kharkov regions of Ukraine.

Short Track is the Winter Olympic sport that basically means speed skating competitions on a hockey rink. Unlike skating at large-sized rinks, where the athletes compete by twos, on the short track several skaters start simultaneously. The track is oval, 111.12 meters in length.

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