The creators of the film "Ivan Sila" visit Kharkov orphanages

Yesterday Bommer cinema showed the movie “Ivan Sila”; after the show the audience had a chance to meet the creators of the film, in particular, Victor Andrienko, the director and screenwriter of the motion picture, and Dmitry Khalaji, who performed the role of the legendary Ukrainian athlete. The audience was the orphans from Bogodukhovsk orphanage and Krasnokutsk preschool home for orphans and children deprived of parental care. In this way Mikhail Dobkin, the head of Kharkov Regional Administration, congratulated the children with the upcoming St. Nicholas Day, said Tatiana Purdich, director of Bommer cinema, prior to the presentation of film.

The event was run within “Kharkov Lilac P.S.” project.

The film “Ivan Sila” was released on October 3, 2013. It unveils the life story of a Ukrainian circus strongman Ivan Fartsak, who in 1928 was recognized as the most powerful man on the planet. Not a single decoration was used during the film shooting - all scenes were filmed in real houses, castles, circus premises. All power tricks also were performed by live actors. About 4,000 actors were involved in the film shooting, including, such stars of the Ukrainian TV as Olga Sumskaya, Vasily Virastyuk and Bogdan Benyuk.

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