Experts: a swarm of US agents operates in Ukraine

Ukraine raised a generation of people who were the target audience of numerous foreign funds aimed at denationalization of Ukraine.

The experts voiced this opinion during the conference “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”.

“A significant number of state employees was formed by non-governmental funds. Many Ukrainian politicians, media executives were formed in this way. All of this is aimed at people changing their matrix of consciousness,” said the people's deputy Oleg Tsarev.

The Russian expert Irina Busygina thinks that the EU started conditioning Ukraine ‘gently but steadily’ a while back.

"The EU is 1,000 times better in applying the ‘soft power’. In Ukraine, they are engaged in educating and investing. They form the image that gives a promise for the future. Russia, however, is trying to attract and get the loyalty of the Ukrainian elite in the first place. It is fast, but risky way. The Europeans, on the contrary, have minimal risk, but winning long-term prospects,” said Busygina, Doctor of political sciences and MGIMO Professor.

Suchlike technology of constantly repeating the same “truths” is now operating on Maidan, holds Valery Bondarenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences of Belarus.

“We are constantly repeating the same thing – this is a mandatory element for political technologies. On Maidan nobody listens to what is said, everyone is singing, dancing, but as soon as slogans are shouted, they all repeat them,” shared his observation Bondarenko.

Such information pressure affects the economy, said Oleg Paraschiv, another people's deputy.

“If not for the pressure of the US, the dominant superpower, the European Union could spread to the Pacific shores, and we could have talked about a common economic space of the entire Europe and Eurasia,” said the politician.

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