Kharkov Circus received a new name of Fred Yashunov

The official web site of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Kharkov Regional State Administration informed that Kharkov State Circus was given the name of an outstanding personality of culture Fred Yashunov in dedication to the 130th anniversary of foundation of the circus. The team of the circus appealed to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine with a petition in order to receive this name. The corresponding order was signed on December 6.

Fred Yashunov is an honored artist of the Ukrainian Social Soviet Republic, the holder of a number of awards of the Soviet Union. He was born in 1901 and died in 1987. A major part of his life Yashunov dedicated to the work in the circus. He headed Kharkov Circus in 1931-1982, which was located in the old building of the Circus Grikke.

After the war finished, Fred Yashunov convinced the authorities to construct a new building of the circus in Uritskogo Square (now Irina Bugrimova Square). The new circus started to work in 1947. In 10 years Yashunov created the first Ukrainian National Circus team. He brought up Irina Bugrimova, Alexandr Buslaev, Oleg Popov, Anatoliy Furmanov and other stars of the arena.

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