The publisher will make the Ukrainian schoolchildren to tape the errors in the textbooks

The publishing house Osvita will not retire the textbooks with errors from the circulation, but will send the stickers with the right wordings to schools.

"We do not consider the errors, which allegedly were discovered there, to be something serious. We will send so-called stickers to all the schools, so that they are glued over some of the mistakes. Or we will issue and mail to the schools a workbook with explanations for the teachers on the proper way of reading certain parts of the text," said the chief editor of the publishing house Oleg Kostenko.

According to him, the number of printed copies of each of the two math textbooks amounted to 217,000 pieces. The normative documents of the ministry of education prescribe using each textbook in schools for 5 years' term, after which a new edition or completely different textbook will be issued.

"We do not plan to fire the editor, who did the proofreading of these math textbooks, because he is a very good editor; he will continue working," summarized the editor.

The representatives of Osvita are convinced that linguistic experts cannot be trusted. Since the linguists themselves made many mistakes in their expert's report on the math textbooks, their commentaries cannot be considered by any government institution.

It will be recalled that this year the schoolchildren of the first and second grades were given the handbooks with egregious errors, the descriptions of which occupied ten typewritten pages in the expert's report.

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