The population increase in Ukraine is only possible at the account of migrants

The database of migration processes in Ukraine displays the exhaustion of the demographical potential of Ukraine, which can be restored only at the account of migrants.

The migration profile was prepared by the national migration department with support of the International Labor Organization and the European Union. According to the analysts, Ukraine needs to accrue 300,000 migrants for its population to stay at the same level.

At the same time the experts admit that the country is not ready for the migrants and the system of attraction of the foreigners to prestigious labor markets of the country has not been developed.

The experts also placed Ukraine among the top five countries in the world by the quantitative proportion of the migrants, who leave for employment in the foreign markets; Mexico occupies the first place, and then in the descending order follows India, the Russian Federation, and China. Between 2010 and 2012 1.2 million Ukrainians have been working abroad. The labor migrants are the biggest investors in the economy of the country: their transfers to own families reached $7 billion. It is noteworthy that the experts have observed the decrease in the number of migrants, who went to work in Russia, while the number of those, who went to the countries of the EU, has increased.

According to the information from Russia, the greatest inflow of migrants comes to the country from Ukraine.

"Ukrainians usually stay in Russia not longer than 90 days as stipulated by the law and then leave, take a week's respite, and come back. The situation is more complicated for the citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan because the tickets are expensive and the journey is long; therefore, they stay here longer," said the head of the federal migration authority of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky.

Substantial number of labor migrants settles in the Southern Europe forever. The first step for the emigration is the desire to get education. Poland and Russia, for example, encourage the foreigners to stay and work after graduation and even support them with simplified mechanism of acquiring the citizenship.

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