Shooting in the airport of Los Angeles

People were evacuated due to shooting in Los Angeles airport

Today at 9:30 a.m. local time (20:30 Moscow time) an unidentified person started to shoot a rifle in the inspection point of the third terminal of the international airport of Los Angeles, California. An armed male shot around 15 times and wounded an officer of the transportation security administration.

The number of wounded has not been disclosed. According to the information from the newspaper Los Angeles Times, the shooter and the officer of the transportation security administration were wounded. The television channel CBSLA has reported that several suspicious objects, which were surveyed by bomb technicians, were discovered in the third terminal of the airport. Police is investigating the building and the luggage of the passengers.

"At first everyone fell on the ground, then the panic started and we all ran for the exit; we don't even know what to do now," said the witnesses.

Bill Reiter, the columnist of Fox Sport, who was on the spot during the incident, has written in his Twitter, "After the first shot the panic started, people started jumping over each other, pushing each other, jumping over the chairs. Horror and chaos!

The administration of the airport has reported the outgoing flights were suspended and the roads to the terminal were blocked.

"The people were taken to the premises designated for the security personnel. All the flight operations besides the arrivals were temporarily suspended," clarified the representative of the airport Catherine Alvaro.

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