Yanukovych does not imagine Ukraine without the European Union

According to the presidential advisor on the issues of constitutional and legal modernization Marina Stavniychuk, the president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych does not have a backup plan in case the agreement on the association with the European Union is not signed this year.

"Ukraine is seriously and dynamically working on those obligations, which we have taken from the point of view of association at the summit in Vilnius, and on realizing those tasks, which she is facing," said Stavniychuk, while commenting the information about possible delay of the procedure of signing the agreement till 2014.

She said that such a thought is not conceded in Yanukovych administration.

"Thus, at the moment there is a task of plan A exclusively: to work on those positions, which are connected with the European association," said Stavniychuk.

On the previous day the minister of foreign affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski said that the signing of the agreement might be postponed by one year, if Ukraine did not fulfill all the conditions of the EU. He also mentioned that the release of the former prime-minister Yulia Tymoshenko remains a crucial condition for the EU.

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